Today, we'll talk in "Golden Systems" about VPS and Dedicated Servers, and how are they used for web hosting and cloud software?

What's a VPS private server? 

The Virtual Private Server (VPS) is set up and leased by host companies annually or monthly To upload, operate and use your cloud or websites, using special hardware and software; To divide the main server into several independent virtual devices, Each virtual machine has its own operating system that runs separately from other virtual machines and from the main machine, but all operate within the main server with the same resources. 

How does a VPS server work?

The virtual server operates within the main server independently of the other virtual servers, but the virtual server shares the resources of the main server, where machine resources are processors, RAM, and storage space. Etc., subdivided between these servers It is called a virtual private server (a shared virtual server) because it shares resources with the main server.

A virtual (shared) server is less expensive than renting a dedicated server, with its own operating system and work environment being independent, similar to private servers in having absolute control over the operating system and work environment administration, but unable to use all main server resources; It is, therefore, the most appropriate option for medium software and sites that do not require high resources to operate.

Dedicated Server

A dedicated server is a real server that you only rent, manage, and use remotely; it is equipped for you, has an operating system installed on it by hosting companies, and saves you operating and maintenance costs. An advantage of private servers is that you can use all server resources such as processors, RAM, and storage... etc. Certainly have absolute control over the server throughout the life of your lease, and also ensure that resources are not shared, while the Virtual Private Server (VPS) shares the mainframe resources with other virtual servers on the same server.

A private server is completely independent and enjoys the use of all server resources without sharing, but it is somewhat more expensive than a virtual server and may require businesses or large site owners with large cloud software and large transactions, and high resource requirements To perform this kind of data processing. 

The difference between VPS and Dedicated Server was the allocation of server resources to the user shared servers share device resources, and dedicated servers do not share server resources, and you can use all of them.