Virtual meetings express communication with one or several people simultaneously, both audio or photo, without the need for physical and tangible meetings with great potentials, such as: sharing their screen for everyone and the possibility of sharing files, data, text slot and chat at the same time, and also recording these meetings for future use. 

In the light of the global corona crisis, the concepts of meetings have changed, and many solutions for virtual meetings have emerged on the scene, many of these solutions have already existed, but the urgent need for such solutions in the context of the crisis has shown them more, and to make all segments of society and business activities deal with such platforms and distance learning

We'll provide you On Golden Systems with a list of the first virtual meeting platforms or software, knowing that other global companies have recently developed software to meet this aspect of technology, such as Microsoft Teams and Google Meet.

Best applications for virtual meetings

  • Go To Meeting

This platform is one of the easiest ways to host conference calls, and Go To Meeting also has screen sharing capabilities, any Go To Meeting user can start meetings using their own app, anyone who uses the free Go To Meeting option is limited to voice-only conferences, video conferencing is paid, and the only other problem with Go To Meeting is that the free plan reduces the number of people who can join the conference, and an app is an ideal option for small businesses.

  • Pexip

This program is one of the best web conferencing solutions available, providing you hosting web conferencing within your organization, you can also choose to host them on a cloud service, such as Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, or Amazon Web Services, and Pexip is scalable and customizable and allows companies to integrate into traditional video systems.

  • TeamViewer

Team Viewer has the ability to run several online sessions at the same time on Mac operating systems within browser tabs, and users of this app can leave a message to customers to inform them of any new updates or leave a friendly message, as Team Viewer has additional functionality, such as Team Viewer Quick Join.

Team Viewer Quick Join lets you join meetings and presentations less quickly and effortlessly, and the feature can be used without having to go through the installation process, powered by Mac, Linux, Android, Windows, Chrome OS, and iOS.

  • EZ Talks Meetings

EZ Talks meetings are one of the best free online video conferencing services available now, and EZ Talks Meetings not only provide free HD video conferencing but also provide powerful online collaboration tools, so team members can see their colleagues' feedback and plans and EZ Talks meetings can also support up to 100 people in a single web conference.

  • Zoom

Zoom has a free and paid plan, and a paid plan is cheaper than Go To Meeting, where the free zoom program plan offers 40 minutes of conferences, companies can include the number of customers you want and hold many unlimited meetings, as well as video conferencing that includes many features, such as active speaker view, dual-screen broadcasts, full-screen views, and participants can connect to the conference