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Cloud computing represents a fundamental change in the way infrastructure, applications, and delivery methods work, but reaching this stage involves more than just replacing physical constants with virtual reality.

The cloud solution and the transformation of information technology transform the project journey from a long physical journey into a fast, sophisticated, and secure experience and cloud solutions cover all project phases (planning, initiation, development, experiment, delivery, and then operation and management), and all of these stages will remain virtual without receipt of anything.

Golden Systems offers an integrated set of strategic cloud services that help your system get the most out of cloud computing services while minimizing the expected risk and minimizing expenditures. 

We provide our professional services when contracting with your system, providing you with the required expertise; To understand cloud computing strategies, and to develop a complete business sector relying primarily on cloud computing.

The misunderstanding of product delivery technology or delivery information, related to the idea of hand delivery of the product or service, signing of the receipt sheet, and completion of the transaction; Reinforced a gap in the real-life delivery information and delivery information for digital and technical services.

Here we are talking about modern technologies and cloud services. Certainly, there is a new approach, modern use policies, and different mechanisms for delivering this type of service. In short, your receipt of this type of service is limited to the implementation of your software requests and designs, and access to them all around the clock. For example, when we develop a website for your company or organization, the project is received from the moment it is posted, enabling visitors to access the site at any time and anywhere.

There are other criteria by which the receipt of services is evaluated, for example, and not limited to:

  • Professional programming and the program or website are free from security holes and programming errors.
  • The work of cloud programs or websites will remain around the clock without any downtime or interruption.
  • The protection systems in place to protect and encrypt your data (security certificates, SSL encryption, periodic backups.)
  • Technical support for the servers of the hosting company, and the speed of their response, not emergency malfunctions.
  • Maintenance and technical support contracts, and their commitment to SLA (Service Level Agreement) standards.
  • Speed of loading screens and data in programs and websites.

Last but not least. We want to highlight that in the age of cloud services and programs, all that the customer receives is the quality, security, and stability of his software and websites, by signing fixed-term contracts, and the party providing these services is always committed to the safety, protection, and survival of these services throughout the duration of the contract.

Finally, we wish you a successful digital transformation for all your activities and are happy to serve you.