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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, who of us is currently dispensing with websites. If you own a company, institution, or any activity, you need to create a website for your company; To keep pace with technical development, this provides you and your employees with access and communication with new customers and helps your customers easily reach you, your services, and company activities.

Webhosting: it is your own storage space, in other words, it is the “hard disk” that you’re designing and programming as the site is developed; So that it available to the world, and anyone can browse it. And web hosting has many features and advantages and different prices, and we provide you with the best hosting in terms of high quality and safety, and we offer you a hosting service including a one-year domain reservation for free, to be renewed annually.

Technical support is the link between the customer and the specialized technicians; through it you can submit a request or follow up on a previous request, and to ask for help in solving all the problems that you face on your site or your cloud program, and all other consultations.

It is a design compatible with all screen sizes, allowing the user to browse your site from all browsers with all different screen sizes, as well as through phones, smart devices, and tablets, and we take this matter into consideration in all our work; To provide you with a website that is compatible with modern technology for your convenience and the comfort of your customers.

Programming: It is the matters that site users do not see, and it is related to your hosting file, data bindings, and processing processes on the server, such as, PHP, Java, and others, simply programming is the mastermind of websites.

Design: It is the external structure and the graphic works that show your site in the end, such as banners, icons, colors, fonts, and site contents.

Yes, and certainly there are formal memorandums of understanding and contracts signed by the institution that we prepare for each project separately and in all transactions, containing terms and conditions that guarantee the right of the client and the right of our institution, and that is sent after the initial price proposal sent to the client is accepted by the institution.

In our current golden age of technical facilities available domestically and internationally, it has become easy to sign contracts electronically and of course, all technical and financial transactions are done electronically.

We receive financial payments electronically by direct transfer to the institution's account, and we also have an IBAN that enables customers to transfer from any bank in the Kingdom or abroad.

Certainly, there is a down payment to start any project, and it is agreed upon during the contract between the client and the institution.

Yes, there are some agencies that impose fees for the delivery of the source code for software or graphic designs, but at Golden Systems we deliver the source code to the customer or the source design without any fees, in the belief that it is the customer's right to obtain it, and they have already paid for it.

You start by writing your project idea with all the expected details and scenarios, and you collect samples or links to projects like your project idea, and then contact us to start your project after agreeing and signing the detailed contract for the project.

  • 24\7 technical support for all services that are provided to you through us with an annual subscription, such as, (software hosting, website hosting, renting a private or virtual server, etc.) 
  • Fix any software bugs, and fill any security holes in your program or website hosted with us throughout the period of your subscription with us.
  • Continuous updating of the software codes; To keep up with the latest versions of programming languages.
  • Renewal necessary permits; To use original operating systems, management software, security, and encryption certificates.
  • Periodic backup of your hosted data, software, databases, email, and websites

The implementation period or schedule is determined after the requirements well-considered and are mentioned in the contract, as each project has its own implementation schedule based on the requirements.

If you require a dynamic program or site, there is certainly an easy control panel where you can change the content of the program or site, and if your project is a Static page, only the site developer is modifying the required content, because the site content is embedded with the code.

Certainly, we redesign, programming and modifying websites as well, but we first need all the access data on the source codes, and then study the hosting environment and the programming languages used on your site, and then start implementing your requests.

Of course, we have a usage policy agreement, please visit the following link:

We are honored to respond to your queries and questions by using the quick communication form through the following link:

Or communicate directly on WhatsApp at:

The benefits of websites on the Internet are countless, and here is a summary of them

  • Offer your services and products to your customers 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Identifying your organization or company completely, providing your previous work and projects, and your organization profile.
  • Providing a source of direct messaging with customers, whether in an instant message form or showcase multiple communication for your organization.

And finally, the answer:  yes, you urgently need a professional website for your organization or activity, especially in the age of technology boom and customer dependence of late.

Content Management System (CMS): It is a web application that is either free and open-source, such as, (Word Press), or customized programming for your website, which enables you to create, edit, manage, and publish many materials (texts, images, videos, documents ... etc.) informs and formats on your website, without having to refer to the web developer.