If you think robots only exist in science and technology LABS or in science fiction movies, I assure you this article will surprise you; Because it's in our lives, maybe in your house, but you don't know!

The robots\

 A device or machine that can sense its environment, and take actions and decisions in the real world. The robots also have a large family that varies according to the different tasks they are made for, including what is made with quadruplets and hexagons, some fly through the sky, some are for medical purposes, some are for household services, and some robots are for space science.

Benefits of robots\

  • Safety: some occupations pose serious risks to human health, and the use of robots in such dangerous occupations is much better than the human labor force.

  •  Perfectionism: robots are designed to provide the best quality of work; they are programmed to perform with extreme accuracy and are less erroneous than humans.

  • Provides greater comfort to the employee: because robots are assigned to jobs that humans cannot do, or occupations that threaten their safety, the provision of robots helps the employee out of some strenuous and dangerous jobs.

  • Speed: Robots are mechanical machines that do not need to stop and do not need breaks and holidays to work around the clock. Continuity.

Applications of robots in our lives\

  • Military: Robots are used in self-piloted aircraft that perform a variety of reconnaissance and military tasks in warfare as well as in hostage situations. 

  • Agriculture: The use of robotics in agribusiness reduces costs and increases production, and the industry relies on a variety of technological machines, as the use of experimental machines has become more extensive in agriculture through self-systems such as pruning, pesticide spraying, and weeding.

  • The medical field: we are using robots in surgical operations, rehabilitation, patient escorts, and daily activities, such as the Da Vinci system of surgery, which resembles hand movements; To control precise instruments within the human body, which in turn allows certain surgeries to be performed. 

  • Industry: we are using robots in many industrial fields; They contribute to increased production and quality and reduce economic burdens by lowering the cost of production.