Do you want to improve search engines on your site, but are having trouble learning the terminology for SEO? Today's Golden Systems blog introduces the common famous SEO terms. To assist marketers in reaching out to programmers; To understand how to improve their sites, and reach users based on SEO technologies.

The common famous SEO term used\

  Alt Text, Tag\ or Attribute:

 The image description in HTML for your website. The search engines read ALT text for the images, not the images themselves; ALT text should be added to the images, but no more than five images should be added to the article.


It is a part of your website, where you must publish content regularly; Because every blog post is a new page that is seen by a search engine, it's a new opportunity to get to the first search page.

Google's Keyword Blueprint:

 Google's Keyword Blueprint is a tool offered by “Alphabet Inc” for marketers as part of Google Advertising. With the help of the keyword scheme, the marketer can determine the level of traffic that can be achieved with a given budget and campaign, and the tool also provides the functionality of "estimating potential costs for an advertising campaign".

Internal links:

 Some articles are linked by subject-related essay links from within a site; this process is called "internal links". The main page's binding strength can be better distributed; Because the main reference will remain in the same location. Also, search engines and users can find content more easily.

Keyword density: 

Seo tells you the keyword thickness - that is, how many times the keyword has appeared on search engines - for example, if the keyword appears three times in a 100-word text It would be the density of the keyword 3%. From a search engine point of view, average keyword density is a good indicator of visibility on a search engine. But if the keyword appears too frequently in search engines and is used on your site, Search engines will lower the level of your site, and it will appear at the bottom of the search results.