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14 Jun 5 digital transformation problems and how to overcome them
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We have five problems that IT managers must overcome; To digitize their organizations.Culture of Refusal to Change :The digital transformation can only succeed by promoting a culture of collaboration, where employees must be able to work, collaborate and explore new ideas, but the reality now is tha..
12 Jun Digital Currency Launch Campaign
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Many major banks around the world are considering the launch of the digital currency campaign. This campaign will mark a turning point in the payments world, which has been dominated by coins for more than three thousand years. Most recently, the European Centre has launched a test process to produc..
12 Jun The reality of digital journalism
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The "digital media age" is witnessing innovation and radical change in all aspects of journalism; This may create economic difficulties for the old media, and the search for alternative business models; To fund sustainable journalism for the future. What do we mean by digital journalism? Journalism ..
12 Jun Environmental Impact of Digital Coins
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Digital currencies have come a long way from their obscure assets, while the prevailing financial world despised digital currencies as tools for criminals and speculators, the industry has made significant progress in change, but doubts remain about adopting a single currency. In particular, many en..
07 Jun The encrypted chia currency is breaking into China's economy
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What is Chia's coin?Chia created in 2017 with a focus on the environmental impacts of digital currency "mining", a highly specialized, energy-intensive computing process. New coins are produced by solving complex equations. The main difference between chia and other cryptocurrencies according to its..
07 Jun Digital Workplace Strategy
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Your digital transformation is doomed to failure unless you enable employees to succeed in the digital age. Here's the strategy of a digital workplace that promotes sharing and agility.Firstly: we want to know: What do we mean by the digital workplace?It's a business strategy aimed at enhancing empl..
06 Jun What you don't know about electronic payment portals
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If you are interested in some of the most common gate service providers to consider, here are seven of the most commonly used on Golden Systems website:PayPal\ It is a popular payment portal for forwarding; Because a lot of people trust it, and there are many choices to consider. With both services,..
02 Jun Relevance of electronic payment to different web pages
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Not only are electronic payment pages and websites used, but banks and institutions have also used them They are more suited to the new nature of business transactions; It facilitates daily financial transactions such as shopping or cash withdrawals via an approved electronic card, and reduces the r..
31 May Stages the development of payment methods in e-commerce
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With the development of the Internet, online shopping and other types of e-commerce became popular, and thus payment methods in e-commerce have evolved. Where technology was a tremendous development in electronic payment methods and the processing of debit and credit cards; This led to the modern pa..
30 May Digital Citizenship
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The term "digital citizenship" is often heard, but due to the many questions on the subject, we find that information about digital citizenship is somewhat sparse and unfamiliar to some. In this article, well answer the most common questions we have heard about digital citizenship from some people:W..
26 May Google Maps Tips
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There are many ways to use Google Maps or explore the world around you. Here's one you can use at this moment:Planning for future trips You can choose when you want to start driving, or when you want to reach your destination You'll see an estimate of travel time based on timesheets For Traffic and ..
25 May How to Buy Online
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From party tickets to washing machines, groceries, and holidays, there must be a website that sells exactly what you want. If there's a particular brand or store you prefer, you can move directly to their website or you can visit a shopping website, like eBay or Amazon, which carries wide range of n..
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