Top 10 Emerging Technologies of 2021

 1. Artificial intelligence:

Amnesty International ranked first on the list. Artificial intelligence refers to programmable algorithms that analyze and apply knowledge automatically. It is the largest force in emerging technology and includes security applications and sales to companies.

2. 5G technology: 

5G offers improvements on 4G, such as low latency, smart energy consumption, and high device density. 5G technology will make augmented reality, smart cities, and connected vehicles possible. 

3. The Internet:

 The Internet collects information from connected devices and allows systems analyses. These platforms, devices, and datasets provide additional insights and competencies for an organization.

4. Serverless computing:

 Serverless computing, or service function (FaaS), allows companies to create applications that expand in real-time; So you can respond to a demand that can change immediately based on size orders. FaaS offers a consumption-based platform so that developers can deploy applications quickly and cost-effectively.

5. Biometrics:

 Security will be improved by biometrics, allowing people and devices to authenticate and move smoothly across the world.

 6. Augmented reality Virtual reality 

 Augmented reality technology change how people interact with devices, data, and each other. The Foundation uses hybrid reality, artificial intelligence, and sensor techniques; To enhance implementation flexibility, operational efficiency, and individual productivity.

7. Blockchain: 

The ability to secure and manage online transactions is increasingly needed, and the blockchain is the solution. Blockchain manages the data and the challenges of the supply chain.

 8. Robots: 

Robots shift from industrial use to service delivery, and physically affect homes and businesses.

9. Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)

NLP is a field of artificial intelligence that enables computers to analyze and understand human language. Speech-to-text converts human language into a programming language, while text-to-speech converts computer operation into an audible response. 

10. Quantitative computing: 

Our ability to process and analyze big data will be influenced by quantitative computing. It is the key to benefiting from machine learning, and the power of artificial intelligence.