Simply creating content is not enough. You have to create content that's useful to your audience to earn their trust. It may seem fairly easy, but the fact is that choosing the right types of content marketing in digital marketing is much more an art than a science.

What types of content marketing?

 You can say content is any material you create that doesn't contain a sales message explicitly and clearly, but it's also fairly vague So we broke it down into the most common categories you're likely to encounter:

  1.  Blogs. 

  2. Infographic marketing. 

  3. Podcast. 

  4. Social media. 


  1. Blogs

Companies using blogs receive 97% links to websites, and therefore have 434% SERPs indexed pages, which is why you don't need to think about using blogs for marketing; It is very cost-effective for small businesses with a limited budget.

Blog posts are most effective when used correctly. Instead of blogging about how to change your product for the best, you should write about topics related to your product or services. There is no need to pay for your products when you start your company, either domestically or internationally. Add real impact by providing the customer with added value that they feel when they buy your products.

The user experience is more valuable today.

  1. Infographic

Among the many different forms of content marketing, infographics can significantly influence digital marketers. Successful infographics are simple, effective, and meaningful. The goal is to take a lot of complex information and break it down into important points. They can be used to mark written blogs, or as independent content for all blogging platforms and social media - just remember to keep them simple, poised, and full of powerful data points.

  1. Podcast

The podcast is high quality and profitable for some digital marketers, and once you get the right supplies, it is easy to deliver the podcast of your content and market it widely. It is important to plan a podcast ahead of its launch. 

Using podcasts to increase brand awareness is also a way to present your brand personality in a very large way. Even if you use a podcast, you can still integrate that podcast into your company's website and social media efforts as additional content; To share with your audience.

  1. Social media

Among many forms of content marketing, social media is often handled alone Because they follow a different set of rules. Unlike the other digital marketing content mentioned above, social media marketing is about making people look and respond directly, and want a concrete engagement.

It may take a little effort to find out what content and medium is really resonating with your social media followers, and you can see if your audience likes serious or funny videos, blogs, or posts. Additionally, you will be able to measure the amount of traffic that social media generates to your site.