Today's talk about augmented reality, and how do we use this technology in our daily lives? Dear reader, continue reading; To learn more about augmented reality on our Golden Systems site.

What's augmented reality?

 It is a form of virtual reality that aims to replicate and enhance the real environment in a computer, integrating digital content with the real world. It is different from virtual reality in that you don't need a headset, glasses, or any other device. Where all you need is a camera device and an augmented reality application.

Augmented reality areas in education

 One of the most important ways of communication between teacher and student is through the use of augmented reality; To communicate information more easily, it also helps to understand and explain scientific material smoothly. Here are some applications of augmented reality in education:

  • Homework supported by Explanations:

 uses augmented reality; To support students as they complete their homework. When students find it difficult to do their homework, they can use the camera phone and point it where it is difficult for them then find a video prepared by their teacher.

  • Deaf learning cards:

 By augmented reality, learning cards can be created containing vocabulary that is linked to videos showing how this vocabulary is expressed by sign language.

  • Live Photo Gallery: 

Augmented reality technology can be used to organize a faculty photo exhibition near the school entrance, where visitors can recognize the teacher's picture with their mobile phones.

  • Safety Labs: 

Create pictures or cards with a safety symbol that are placed throughout the science lab, so that they play multiple media when students examine them with their smart device cameras and inform them about different safety procedures and protocols regarding laboratory equipment.