What is human enhancement technology? 

Human enhancement was described as the natural, artificial, or technological change of the human body; In order to enhance physical or mental abilities.

More and more people are enhancing their bodies with enhancement techniques that continue to expand the limits of human capabilities, such as the artificial hand inspired by "Star Wars" or those designed exoskeletons; In order to improve the functionality of paraplegics. But the next wave of available enhancement will focus on enhancing human capabilities - physically and cognitively Beyond their biological limits, technical experts are developing systems based on integrating computers into the human brain; To raise intelligence.

The whole world is always looking for the best, especially when it comes to the medical field, or (technical medicine), and the medical revolution of change has already begun, evolving from the standard to the integral ideal, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. Scientists work day and night; To find everything that serves humanity best in terms of content, especially in the medical field, with the presence of advanced technology such as mechanical and electronic devices, and other technologies, such as embryo modification techniques, organ transplantation, and nanotechnology.

"We are already living in the age of human enhancement.”

One of the devices that work in the human enhancement system is:

  1. Medical Tricorder:

Mobile virtual scans (Scanner), readily available to the general public and ordinary users.The way it works/. It's a diagnosis of human health in a few seconds. Measurement of vital functions (heartbeat, blood pressure, body sugar, temperature), and other vital matters typical of the human body.

  1. Biometric Sensors:

A biosensor that monitors and senses the vital state of the human being, and gives actual body analyses based on certain standard algorithms, producing results based on a database stored in it, which has specific applications for blood measurement The state and efficacy of the vaccine and immunizations in the human body, and also monitors pathological infection and other medical applications. 

  1. Biohacking: 

    A cultural movement that allows people to access genetic information and advocates a democratic right to the technical development of man and human enhancement. This would give humans absolute freedom to manage their bodies biologically using a combination of medical, food, and electronic technologies.