The development of technology has brought many benefits around the world. Aside from enhancing efficiency, it has turned the world into a global village and made access to information very easy. 

The education sector is also not far behind in tapping the deep technology resource well. Information technology in education has become more than an option. For effective learning, ways to integrate the use of IT into everyday learning processes have been found.

The importance of using information technology in education:

  1.  Proper record-keeping

Recording can be kept more systematically and securely using technology. Unlike in the past when records were manually kept and there were many cases of file loss, the integration of IT into education made it possible to keep records securely and properly. Therefore, information retrieval has become much easier.

  1. The use of audio-visual materials as teaching tools

 The use of information technology in education allowed teachers to teach students more easily. Using visual and audio materials, students can understand the subjects being taught faster and more clearly. It is now much easier to make presentations and put some of the practical aspects that are taught in a classroom.

  1. Distance learning

 to adapt to a population and students with unique requirements such as permanent mobility and travel, or for those who did not find a good time for a semicure, educational institutions used information technology to meet this new demographic. Online courses enabled most staff and youth to go back to class and obtain second degrees or additional degrees. It's possible to go to college abroad without leaving your home at any time.

  1. Knowledge sharing 

Through online discussion forums, students can share knowledge, participate in intellectual discussions, and learn from each other in general. The use of technology allowed students to meet and exchange experiences, all over the world regardless of geographical distances.

  1. Ease of learning

 The Internet is full of many learning materials that a learner can access and use to supplement whatever is available in the classroom. Past e-books, review guides, and exam papers are available online and can be used by students to improve their knowledge base. Educational institutions provide computers and the Internet that students can use to achieve this goal.

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