Not only are electronic payment pages and websites used, but banks and institutions have also used them They are more suited to the new nature of business transactions; It facilitates daily financial transactions such as shopping or cash withdrawals via an approved electronic card, and reduces the role of cash and traditional means of payment, such as checks, bills of exchange, etc.

Choosing the right type of electronic payment method is a necessary and crucial task for e-commerce. There are different types of electronic payment methods and they vary from company to another. You have to know what payment method suits the nature of your site, but appeals to your customers? Achieve profitability and success can be seen as a decisive step.

Some electronic payment methods may suit your website:

 Prepaid card payments:

 As an alternative to debit credit cards\ prepaid cards are offered. It usually comes with different stored values and the customer has to choose from them. Prepaid cards have a virtual currency stored in them; although the rate of prepaid card approval is low, they have gradually become common in some specialized categories.

Bank transfers: 

Although not a common option at present, bank transfers are still considered to be an essential payment method for e-commerce, it is easier for customers registered in online banking transfers for their purchases online. Bank transfer is the most secure method, as transactions must be certified and authenticated by customers.

It is a simple method of paying for online purchases and does not require a customer to have a card for payment purposes. 

Electronic Portfolio: 

An electronic portfolio is one of the most sophisticated methods that offers an entirely new shopping experience. The use of electronic portfolios has become common at an alarming rate, it requires registration from merchants as well as customers. After creating an electronic portfolio account and linking it to a bank account, you can withdraw or deposit funds. It is an advanced and immediate digital payment method and can be integrated with mobile wallets using advanced functionality, such as NFC.

Prepaid electronic portfolio accounts store customer information, multiple credit debit cards, and bank accounts. You need to sign up once and eliminates the need to reenter information each time you make a payment.