What is data encryption?

Today we are talking about data encryption on "Golden Systems".

Data encryption is the basic building unit in data security and is the simplest and most important way to ensure that information is not stolen or leaked from a computer system or read for illegal use.

Encryption is done using special software such as PGP or using encryption devices or simple keys so that encrypted data appears illegible and unhelpful until it is decrypted to restore its original content and decrypted only by whoever has the correct password or decryption key to make the data readable again.

There are other forms of data encryption, such as SSL security certificates, to encrypt all data circulating between the end user (through the browser) and the cloud-hosting server or websites.

Also, do not forget the end-to-end encryption technology used in social media software and supported by Apple in iMessage and Facebook in WhatsApp service to protect and secure user data and encrypt all conversations between users.

Encryption is used by individuals and large companies, largely online, to ensure the security of user information sent between the browser and the server.

How does data encryption work?

When you send a message through the encrypted messaging service (e.g. WhatsApp), the message comes out of your device in the form of an encrypted code and does not decrypt this code and retrieves the content sent until it reaches the recipient and the encryption is decrypted inside the recipient's device so that no one will be able to decipher the content of the code even if the data is intercepted and obtained the code.