From party tickets to washing machines, groceries, and holidays, there must be a website that sells exactly what you want. If there's a particular brand or store you prefer, you can move directly to their website or you can visit a shopping website, like eBay or Amazon, which carries wide range of new and used elements. In this article you will know how to buy online.

Online purchasing steps:

Step 1: Find your product by using Google Shopping

Type the name of the item you want to buy into the search box of the search engine; for example, "Roberts radio" click Search, or press Enter on Keyboard.

You'll see a collection of physical stores and large websites that are simply intended for shopping, such as Amazon. You can also use the Shopping option on Google itself, clicking this will give you available items based on product and price evaluations.

Step 2: Google

If you have searched for a particular brand, you may also see the brand's website Choose one of these locations and click the link

Step 3: Find and purchase a product from its website

A new page will open and take you to the website. You can now determine the search by typing in more specific details, such as Model Name (for example, "Radio Robert ") in the search box, usually at the top left of the screen. You can click on a specific category (such as "Radios"), and browse until you find the product you like.

Step 4: Add a product to your basket

Many websites allow you to look at the product, by moving your mouse over the image there are two boxes next to the picture: one to choose the quantity you want to buy, and the other to choose the color you want. Once you have chosen the quantity and color, click Add to Basket.

 Step 5: Keep shopping or buying your product

Now you have two options: continue shopping if you want to buy other items from this site, or click Go To Cart and pay for the product you choose. Some websites require an account to be created, some give you a choice as to whether to want an account, and others allow you to buy products without creating an account. If you use a shopping website a lot, creating an account will make paying for products much faster, as your basic information is permanently stored.