E-books dominate the world of reading. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? The book is no longer just a stack of papers tied together. Many people read e-books in PDF format. There are advantages and disadvantages to electronic books that replace paper books. Before I list a few, let me say I still like paper, as I spend so much time starting in front of the work screen, I really don’t want to stare at it when I don’t have to. But there are some undeniable advantages to e-books. Read the article on Golden Systems.

The advantages of e-books:

  •  Easy-to-use e-books: I think that's one of the advantages that people like most. You can carry a lot of books with you, without having to work hard, without having to think about it; Because they're already on yours.

An entire library at your fingertips!

  •  You can read e-books in the dark: for some readers, this is a huge advantage; You can read your favorite book before you go to bed without turn the light off. If you have little children trying to sleep, you can sit with them in the dark and read. With more lights under the hood.

  •  You can change font-size: this may not be the greatest advantage of an e-book, but if you have poor eyesight or are tired, it's a good thing to be able to increase the size of the text.

In some cases, you can add a caption to e-books - this is another feature of limited appeal. However, it is an advantage for some people. On paper, annotations require a highlighter on hand, and the annotation cannot be undone. By using the paper, and you must bend a corner to highlight the page. 

  • Follow links: When the author includes links in the E-Book, the whole world is within reach. It is good to be able to easily obtain clarifications or more details.

  • Immediate download: When you need a new book, you should go to the library or store to buy books. But e-books only need to be downloaded from the Internet.

  •  E-books cost less: without having to charge, e-books are the economical way to become educated.