What is visual identity?

Visual identity is all images and graphic information that express the identity of the brand and distinguish it from others. In other words, it describes everything that customers can actually see, from the logo to the store's interior design. Shape cognition and create an impression through the visual elements of your brand. 

To make sure that your visual elements communicate the way they should, we've compiled this guide to all visual identity stuff, and you'll eventually be ready to create one that inspires your customers.

The importance of visual identity:

  • Create an emotional impression among viewers.

  •  Inform viewers of the nature of your brand and the services/products offered.

  • Standardize many different aspects of the business through consistent visuals.

Visual identity does not include only the logo or company’s name but extends its meaning to include colors, fonts, phrases, words, and verbal slogans. Not only that, but visual identity refers to the way it is used in the company's activity.

What does visual identity include?

  • Company headquarters: Including furniture and offices that carry the company's visual identity, and even walls.

  • Employees' uniforms: You may have heard of companies that force their employees to wear certain clothes, or distribute ties of a certain color to their employees. This is also part of enhancing the visual identity of the company.

  • Website: The website does not include its pages and color collection, but also the company's social networking accounts.

  • The company's official mail and correspondence: whether it's online, or via regular offline correspondence. Including standardizing employees' signature on e-mail, as well as sending messages on paper, and in circumstances bearing the company's visual identity. 

  • Company Publications: Not only official business cards (Business Cards, ID, various company books, envelopes, company papers, bags, and packaging), but also an exhibition, advertising, and advertising publications that enjoy a lot of popularity in certain seasons, especially gifts distributed to the company's customers.

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