With rapid changes in search engine algorithms, it has become necessary to constantly change SEO optimization methods to ensure high ranking on search engine results pages.

First keep in mind that some of the technologies you are accustomed to using may after a while become useless and sometimes damaging to your website, so they need to be updated and changed constantly. 

Here are best practices for improving search engines:

  1. Building a base of backlinks:

Building a variety of backlinks by Google, backlinks in English is a primary factor in ordering web pages in search results pages. It helps Google understand and explore the content of your website. Backlinks below the blog or paid links are no longer useful and are not considered SEO techniques.

To ensure the success of these links: 

  • Enrich your website with relevant, high-quality content that attracts users to support and share your site. 

  • Use appropriate keywords that increase the CTR and increase web traffic.

  1. Focus on the content of your website:

Search engines aim to provide users with the best answers to their questions. Therefore, it is essential that the content it provides be consistent with the intention of Search Intent that takes into account users' interests and expectations. Here are some examples that bring you a lot of visitors:

  • Ways to avoid writing content that doesn't appeal to your audience.

  •  4 Secrets to improve your skills in writing SEO content.

  •  The 5 most important things to focus on are web writing rules.

  1. Improved user experience:

The user's experience is improved and forced to return through several methods/

  •  Making content easier to read by using clear short paragraphs, using the appropriate headlines and subtitles as well as the census to facilitate reading.

  •  Use words and catchphrases. 

  • Using hierarchical style means placing the most important content at the top of the page than the less important content is at the end of the page. 

  • Use an appropriate and expressive design for the site page. 

  • Increase the speed of page loading by shortening unnecessary code, and reducing the size of attached images.

  1. Follow SEO analyses:

Follow SEO analyses through the tools like Search Console or Google Analytics. Once you understand the results of the analytics, improving your site accordingly will result in increased traffic to the site. SEO performance indicators to follow include Ranking, web traffic, referral ratio, etc. Building on it appropriate strategies that improve and increase their efficiency.

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