What are the keywords in SEO?

 Keywords are complex single words or phrases to suit search engines and are used to inform search engines and people about content and to bring in more visitors. It's used by your audience when you're looking for something related to your brand, your website or your blog. Keywords act as a channel to connect your target audience to your website.

The Importance of Key Words in Improving Search Engines

 Keywords are important for SEO experts for several reasons, but there are two main types. 

1. Keywords provide clues as to who is the target audience, allowing us to better meet their needs.

 2. Keywords can provide insight into what content marketers want.

Short keyword VS long keyword 

Those words that have the highest demand for searching are called keyword phrases. Some people think that low-demand searching is when searching for a long keyword. But that is untrue!

Since 15 percent of Google searches are new every day, it's not surprising that most search requests are long tails, since longitudinal keywords are so many. Long keywords tend to have characteristics such as:

  • Search volume is small.
  • Competition is relatively poor This will make your content appear more quickly on search results.
  • Visitor turnout is high compared to search volume, the word is more appropriate for minor and less important traits.

Characteristics of short keywords:

  •  Large search volume.
  • Fierce competition.
  • Smaller visitor volume.
  • Few words.
  • Suitable for home pages or basic content of a site or blog.

 Example/ If you search for the word "Diet" in Google's keyword chart, "Diet" words have the most searches and include a lot of long keywordsBut if you search for, "What is Quito Diet?" you get a small search result, you may not have any other words, and you will find long, related, or similar keywords.

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