When you read about creating websites, you often come across the terms "web design" and "web development ". These two statements can be easily confusing because some think they are the same usage, which may lead you to question the difference between web design and web development.

While the terms "design" and "development" are often used when talking about creating websites, they are in fact two different fields of specialization.

First, we must repeat the point that the terms "design" and "development" have specific meanings in creating a Web site, and are not always used correctly. Knowing the distinction between web design and web development will help you communicate more effectively about your website.

Web design and development: A basic introduction

Web development: it is the construction of a site-code, different programming languages, and databases and overrides them using code to create a functional site and make everything work properly. This is the key point - web developers are primarily focused on converting the current design into an appropriate code.

Web design: It is to determine what a website will look like and how users will interact with it. Designers may also work with some code but focus more on appearance, layout, and usability.

For example, if you are familiar with WordPress user (the developers) add features and functionality, while (the designers) modify the look and feel of a site. This is a simple way to look at it, but it can help you quickly understand the key differences.

How web design and development work together

For any website, web design and development work are necessary to launch it on the ground. In fact, the two concepts are broad enough that the way they interact to build a website can vary depending on personal preferences and specific needs. However, the basic process of creating a website looks like this:

Information gathering and planning

This occurs when the person (or team) creating the website collects information from the customer about what is required in the final product. They begin to plan for the scope of the site. This includes what features a site will need, what sections or master pages a site will contain, and other fundamentals such as code, different programming languages, databases, and metadata.


Generally, most design work comes before development. The shape of the site, its structure, etc. is planned, either on paper or as a type of basic model. The customer will then agree to the design or request changes.

Whether you’re looking at creating a website or think of doing it yourself, understanding the difference between Web design and development would be very helpful. Just remember there's a lot of overlap involved, and some do both. In addition, the two must work smoothly together if the ultimate goal is an attractive and high-function location.