1. 1 The 5 popular code sites:

    1. Avengers Code\

 Students will be provided with step-by-step instructions, thousands of code challenges, quizzes, and videos supported by a community of experienced learners and teachers. Students will begin to learn how to create simple websites and applications, but they will quickly progress to build real applications that can be shown to family, friends, and even potential employers. Students will come close to achieving their goals, whether they want to get their dream job or build technology that will change the world.

  1. ODIN project\

Viking Code School is a well-known online training camp. With the Odin Project, there is a static path that students will follow to learn web development and successfully write code so that they do not wonder if they are doing it correctly or learn it the best way. Working along the path, students will build their wallets. This will help them learn and get jobs later. The Odin Project has devised a plan for teaching students: Introduction in Web Development, Web 101 Development, HTML5, Ruby on Rails, CSS3, jQuery, JavaScript, and finally designation as Web Developer.

  1. GitHub\

The type GitHub was used as a reference point. There are over 500 free programming books, covering over 80 different programming languages, on the service of hosting a Git repository. The collaborators work hard; To make sure these resources are updated frequently and accurately.


The site was designed to offer an enjoyable and innovative way; To learn to write programming codes. The program is based on challenges called "KATA ". Students will complete them To advance to more difficult lessons. Students can choose to learn the desired encoding language, such as C ++, Java, JavaScript, Rust, Ruby, SQL, PHP, Swift, TypeScript, Crystal, and more. Students will hone their skills by challenging themselves at KATA; Students will use their own browser and use test cases that will check their progress. CodeWars is also teaching programming creatively.

  1.  EDX\

 Is a leading nonprofit, open-source online educational platform. It was founded in 2012 by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University. That's why you know you're going to learn about the latest theories and technologies available. Students at EdX will be able to choose courses from about 60 schools. Those attending training courses are all over the world and focus on learning more about engineering, computer science, languages, writing, marketing, biology, and much more. EdX was founded and is governed by universities and colleges. Open edX is the actual platform used for edX cycles and is available free of charge.