There are many ways to use Google Maps or explore the world around you.

Here's one you can use at this moment:

  1. Planning for future trips

 You can choose when you want to start driving, or when you want to reach your destination You'll see an estimate of travel time based on timesheets For Traffic and Transit. Try to set a specific travel date or time; To find the best path before leaving.

Open Google Maps on your Android phone or computer. 

Then look for directions to where you're going.

 After getting directions, tap the More icon, and then set a reminder To leave at the top of the screen. 

To change the dates of your travel time, choose the time of departure or the time of arrival.

Note: If you have more than one travel destination, you will not be able to use this feature.

  1.  Google Maps virtual navigation:

  •  To navigate, place your cursor in the direction you want to go, and the direction you go will appear. 

  • To find where you can go then, look for the X mark, and tap once to go.

  • To explore around you, click and drag the mouse You can also use arrows to the left and right of the compass.

  •  To switch between streets, go to the Back to Map window at the bottom right of the screen and click on the blue marked paths.

  1. Share your geographic location with others:

 Using Google's "Share your geographic location" feature, you can choose who can see your geographic location, and how long you want to share your geographic location. 

To hide or show a person's geographic location\

If you don't want to know the geographic location of someone on your map, you can hide them, like this:

  •  Open Google Maps on your device. 

  • Click the menu icon, then share your geographic location.

  •  Tap the person code.

  •  To temporarily hide someone, click Hide from Map.

  1. Saving Favorite Places:

 You can add and save your favorite places to a list For easy search later. It is different from uploading a map of an area without the Internet, or adding a place to "Google Maps ". 

Open up Google Maps. 

Tap a location or combination of latitude and longitude coordinates.

 Click Save and choose Menu.

Note: Only you can access your saved locations unless you share your list. However, Google may share users' collected saved location information anonymously.