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18 Jun 5 reasons to learn web development
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5 reasons to learn web developmentHiring now!Despite the huge number of web developers, it's a job with high demand in all businesses and will remain so, you don't have to worry about finding jobs for web developers As demand increases, it is also important to develop your web skills and add them to..
08 Jun SD cards and everything you need to know about them
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No matter which digital camera you use today, you must have high storage space to save your media. Some devices like telephones and computers have built-in memory, and you will definitely need SD cards with large storage capacity.What does a memory card mean? A memory card is an electronic storage d..
02 Jun The 5 Most Popular Code Sites
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1 The 5 popular code sites:1. Avengers Code\ Students will be provided with step-by-step instructions, thousands of code challenges, quizzes, and videos supported by a community of experienced learners and teachers. Students will begin to learn how to create simple websites and applications, but the..
30 May Top 6 apps cannot be abandoned
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Smartphones have already become an integral part of our lives. They have revolutionized technology; It became easier to control the way we communicate with friends and relatives with these phones; It brought us closer away and made the hardships easier. Because the apps we use are so important in ou..
26 May Domain Names
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You may have heard of a DNS server when connecting to the Internet, which is an abbreviation for the Domain DNS, but what is this system.A DNS server is a device that links the location name" hostname" to the IP address of the target device hosting the location. In this article, we will learn the ty..
26 May Two-step verification: types and steps
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Use the "two-step verification" feature; To protect accounts from unauthorized access. "Two-Step verification" is a barrier between your business and cybercriminals who try to steal usernames and passwords To access your business data and information. But with two-step verification, you can protect ..
09 Apr Social software
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The concept of social software:Social Software: is to support interaction and communication between users, through digital technologies that connect individuals, support and encourage them to learn collaboratively, retaining control overtime management, learning environment, real presence during lea..
01 Apr The Dark Web
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The dark web is an important part of the Internet system, allowing websites to be published and information published without the need to disclose the publisher’s identity or location. The dark web can be accessed through certain services, such as Tor. Many use Tor and similar services, such as a wa..
25 Mar Protect and Encrypt Data
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What is data encryption?Today we are talking about data encryption on "Golden Systems".Data encryption is the basic building unit in data security and is the simplest and most important way to ensure that information is not stolen or leaked from a computer system or read for illegal use.Encryption i..
23 Mar Vital Private Servers VS Dedicated Servers
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Today, we'll talk in "Golden Systems" about VPS and Dedicated Servers, and how are they used for web hosting and cloud software?What's a VPS private server? The Virtual Private Server (VPS) is set up and leased by host companies annually or monthly To upload, operate and use your cloud or websites, ..
14 Mar Web Apps VS Mobile Apps
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There is a common misconception that mobile and web applications are the same thing. But in fact, they're both very different. First, it may be useful to distinguish between web applications and websites. Simply put, a web application is a seamlessly designed website that responsive on a smartphone...
13 Mar Web Development VS Web Design
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When you read about creating websites, you often come across the terms "web design" and "web development ". These two statements can be easily confusing because some think they are the same usage, which may lead you to question the difference between web design and web development.While the terms "d..
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