What is a search engine optimization strategy?

The process of planning, identifying and implementing the designed steps To improve search engine ratings.Golden Strategies for Search Engine Improvement

Here are some steps to create strategies in search engine optimization:

  1.  Create a list of keywords: 

The first step in search engine optimization is to "search for keywords ". You can easily find the keywords your target customer is looking for using Google SugSuggest gestures. Start typing a Because it comes directly from Google. Additionally, long keywords are less competitive than short keywords.

  1.  Google Front Page Analysis: 

Well, I found a few keywords. It is now time to learn how to use those words to analyze Google pages. To do that, just type in one of the keywords that you found in Google. Then go through the top 10 results and note any patterns you notice. keyword in a Google search field and these keywords are usually great; To improve search engines;

  1. Create something different:

all you have to do here is publish content 10 times better than what exists. For example, a while ago, I noticed that most of the content was about "Search Engine Optimization Tools" - only 10-20 tools were listed - and I know that Posting another list of 20 would not work; It, therefore, decided to create a list of 183 instruments; To improve search engines.

  1. On-page-SEO

 On page seo focus on the content within your website, and how to improve it; To enhance the ranking of the site for the selected keywords By linking pre-existing words with new keywords, they must be the same content and talking in the same subject.

  1. Off-page-SEO

 Off-page SEO focus on links to the site from elsewhere on the Internet. The number of backlinks a site has from powerful sources helps build confidence using search algorithms.

  1. Compress photo and video files before uploading them to your website:

 This is a small but important step in the SEO process, especially to improve your mobile phone. As your blog or website grows, you will have more photos, videos, and related media to support your content. These visual tools help to attract visitors, but it’s easy to forget files can be very large. Since page speed is an important factor in arranging your page in search engines, it is important to monitor the size of the media files you upload to your site.

  1. See the latest SEO news, best practices for search engine optimization: 

Just like marketing, search engines are constantly evolving. Learning about best practices is an important strategy, and there are several online resources that can help you do this such as:



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