If you are interested in some of the most common gate service providers to consider, here are seven of the most commonly used on Golden Systems website:


 It is a popular payment portal for forwarding; Because a lot of people trust it, and there are many choices to consider. With both services, PayPal adds security; To protect against fraud without extra fees. This gives you additional assurance that your payment gate is secure - or at least capable of handling threats as they arise. 

PayPal's processing fee is currently 2.9%, with an additional "0.30" per transaction.



A credit card processor and payment portal provider is best known for the physical credit card strokes attached to your phone. Square is very popular and serves small businesses that need to process credit cards, especially for personal transactions. They also receive a premium on the transactions you enter manually.


It is a popular payment portal provider, with a broad focus on mobile, e-commerce, SaaS, based and nonprofit payments. He is also able to handle companies with a large volume of transactions.


Apple Pay\

Apple Pay uses mobile payment This enables merchants to deal with payments and with customers, using Face ID and Touch, much of its focus being on consumers who wish to keep an electronic portfolio; To deal with their payments. As with PayPal.


payment portals\

You may have noticed while browsing through the most important thrust gates above that they are not equal. When choosing a push gate you will have to understand and accept some of the constraints - many of which are inherent in the push gate infrastructure - that is, the limitations of the drive gate will have to be understood. Gates rarely accept all types of card payments. Although many payment gateway providers would like to announce the universality of their gateways, they would not explain "when can they not accept payments from certain card issuers and processing portals"?