If you don't get a lot of visits to your site; You need SEO specialist. Today we've prepared for you a full essay on the tasks of a search engine optimization expert This will increase the number of visits to your site; and the number of sales. Read this essay to learn more about what the SEO specialist is doing; To get your site to more users.

Who's a search engine optimist?

 A search engine improvement specialist is a person who has a wide range of skills in search engine improvement: make site changes; To help the website perform better in SEO. This can involve many things, including making changes to website content, server-level code, modifying site structure, and more.

SEO specialized tasks: 

  1.  improve web rankings on major search engines, such as Google and Yahoo!

  2.  Improve relevant search results and meet user needs; For a better experience.

  3.  Increase the number of hits and the size of potential customers on the site, as well as increase brand awareness.

  4.  Redirect URL, 404 errors.

  5. Analyze the competition.

  6.  Google Search Console, tracking site analytics.

  7.  Checking the site.

  8.  Creating SEO content, within keywords. 

  9. Build a valuable background for your site. 

  10. Optimize your site code and page speed.

According to Brett Bastillo, "The basic purpose of improving search engines is the same as for any marketer: to achieve more sales for the company"; Because SEO is an integral part of marketing; Employing search engine marketing is essential to SEO specialists.

What skills does SEO specialists need?

- Communication Skills: You have to be able to demonstrate the best course of action, and do the best you can.

- Risk assessment: learn the difference between changes that can cause significant damage to a site and changes that can move a site forward. 

- Google Analytics (a tool for site analysis). 

-Using search engine optimization tools, such as SEMrush and Moz.