We have five problems that IT managers must overcome; To digitize their organizations.

  1. Culture of Refusal to Change :

The digital transformation can only succeed by promoting a culture of collaboration, where employees must be able to work, collaborate and explore new ideas, but the reality now is that most organizations are stuck in a culture of non-change, a culture based on individualism and hierarchies.

A new digital culture must be created simply by defining a clear digital mindset, assembling a digital innovation team, and then collaborating and protecting it from the rest of the organization; To allow the development of a new working culture.

  1. Businesses are not prepared:

 Many entrepreneurs have been interested in the uproar created by the digital transition, but when IT managers and digital data and process heads want to begin the digital transition process, it turns out that organizations still do not have the skills, competencies, or resources needed to take this step.

  1. Change is not easy:

 implementing digital transformation is often both costly and technically difficult, developing platforms, changing organizational structure, and creating a working system with partners, and require time, resources, and money. Institutions must rebuild their organizational capacities that make the process of change simpler and faster.

  1. The technology gap:

 Most enterprises adopt a traditional business pattern Where work is organized into specific tasks, such as IT and sales, and in this type of business, environmental change can be slow. Digital innovation requires a very different new approach, based on blending workers, processes, and technology together To create new business models and services.

  1. Limited engagement and collaboration:

 Non-engagement and collaboration between team members is a system-wide challenge between organizations, but also a major challenge within any organization. In issues of process control, information, and systems ownership, employees are reluctant to share their knowledge and expertise. Digital innovation with teams that share multiple tasks is often quite different from what employees have been used to, so a spirit of collaboration should emerge In order to overcome the problem of digital transformation.