In this article, we're going to talk about how blogs and articles ranking on Google's first pages and get the first, second, or third search results. Search engine optimization is the key to being ranked.

SEO is what search engines, spiders, and Google algorithms rely on, which look up the article on your blog and then decide whether or not your website should rank the search page. To answer this question, following these tips:

Steps that search results ranking on your website:

  1. One of the most important factors for search engine ranking is original and uncopied articles.

  2.  The importance of unique, long keywords for less competition. 

  3. The importance of the keyword and how often it is in the article because it affects Google search results.

  4. The article must have more words than competitors. 

  5. Focus on headings and subheadings and should not be repetitive in search results. 

  6. Don't forget to format the article professionally and special.

  7. Use synonyms in such a way that results are ranking in search engines.

  8.  Do not use the filling method because it negatively affects the search results.

  9.   Using internal and external links to link your articles to other articles.

  10.  Avoiding misspellings because helps search engines ranking out and misspellings impact negatively on your site. 

  11. The preface and conclusion are written in the article, with quotations to rank on Google search results.

Follow these steps and your post or blog will be rank on the first search engines and Google results. Owners of blogs and websites should stay away from copying content in order to done quickly, as this will put your entire site away from the top results of search engines, whether on Google, Binh, Yahoo! Or others.

In general search engine ranking,  is your experiences and learning from the mistakes of the years in this industry because you improve yourself every day in figuring out the secrets and inconsistencies of search engines, and how you top the results every time you write a new article. A writer reviewing a competitor's article and watching how that competitor ranking on Google results will learn various engine secrets for Google or others.