While you are looking for a certain topic online you may encounter what is called a blog, it is not like a website, and you may see the results on a website, what is the difference between a blog and malumati  website? Before we get to the difference, what is the meaning of a blog? What are you made of? What are their advantages? And who is the blogger?

What is the meaning of a blog?

 The blog is about writing and blogging, a place where the blogger communicates his thoughts to readers. It is derived from the word weblogs.

The benefits of blogs\

  • They are an independent business for bloggers. 

  • If you're a reader, you're a beneficiary, it informs you; there's lots of Google Learning Blog and cultural blogs too.

Blogs are better at communicating the idea than social media.

What's the difference between Blog and malumati website? 

Malumati website is a large website, with many news, including technology, beauty, political news, and many articles. A blog has something dedicated, where you can find an educational blog, a blog that only covers materials, the educational field, and so on.


Blog is usually a free hosting and subdomain of the name of a company, or the website offering the service, such as WWW.....blogspot.com or WWW.....wordpress.com. It is the blog subdomain, and blogger and WordPress describe the name of the company offering the blog for free. The malumati site is a paid hosting and fully paid standalone domain in the form of www.ma3lumati.com.


 The protection of blogs is 90% of the responsibility of the company providing the service, but site protection is 90% of the responsibility of the site owner.


 Blog dashboards often have ready-to-use tools, free templates that are modified to a limited extent, but the malumati site has a specific template designed by its owner.

Archiving on Search Engines\

Sites are usually better archived, especially if they have a full domain name unlike blogs with a subdomain name, this can affect their ranking by search engines.