Once you have searched and added the appropriate keywords to your article, the use of these keywords will come into the components of the web page.

 This article will briefly guide you to the factors of the meta tag, their definition, and how to use them within any article that is compatible with SEO search engines.

What is "Meta Tags"?

 Meta Tags: Acceptance codes or commands; Highlights page elements, doesn't show up to the user, and their presence is very important to search spiders. Other forms of the crown include meta Title, meta description, meta keyword, and img Alt tag. These elements enhance search engines by finding your website pages, and each Meta has its own value to search engines.

Meta tag species:

Meta Title: 

 Meta elements are the most important meta elements, which improve the visibility of your pages on search engines, and the title that appears to users must be distinguished from the meta title

The advice to write a Meta Tag

  •  Write a Meta Title as a title, not just as a keyword. 

  • Enter a distinctive or different heading for each page of your site.

  •  To focus on two keywords together, it is best to put the most important word in the first place.

Meta Keywords:

 Meta Keywords are keywords for your site, and that although Google's role in meta keywords has disappeared, it cannot be ignored in other search engines, such as Yahoo... 

An important piece of advice for Meta Keywords

  •  not to insert a large number of keywords. 

  • Focus only on the most important keywords.

Meta Description

 Is a short summary of the content of your article or blog, with the keyword-focused on it, in which search engines display the simplified caption in search pages.

The  important tips for writing Meta Description are:

  •  Meta Description should be written to represent marketing real text for your page, not just keywords The reason is that this text will appear to the user in the search result pages, and the more attractive the text is, the more likely it is to be clicked by users.

  •  Insert the most important keywords.

  •  Insert distinctive or different text for each page.